Pioneers in Providing Stainless Steel Fastening Solution, Since 1977

We are one of the leading stockiest of STAINLESS STEEL FASTENERS established in South India, Chennai. We also import special fasteners, we are always in pursuit of providing better solutions to our customers. We at haji tools have developed fasteners in STAINLESS STEELS keeping in mind the requirements of our customers.

You can have from us the following in STAINLESS STEEL FASTENERS.

Hex Head Bolt & Nuts     Socket Head Screws
Machine Screws                  Self Tapping Screws
U – Clamps                            Couch Screws
Balls                                       Blind Rivets (pop rivet)
Thread Inserts                       Wing Nut, Doom Nut (spl nuts)
Studs                                      Cotter Pins & Circlips
Anchor Fasteners                 Imported BLIND RIVET NUT

We are recognized Industrial Suppliers providing quality tools and hardware goods to many of government and private industrial establishments

Always keeping customer satisfaction as top most priority.