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Anchor Nuts are specially designed to provide strong and vibration proof threads in thin walled materials and can be quickly and easily be fitted to thin sheet components like sheet metal assemblies, pipes, plates, sections, tubes, etc.

Thin sheet fastening usually requires weld nuts of drilling and threading

It is a common problem that deformation of materials or breaking of welding spots occurs by welding nuts. Direct drilling hole and threading will cause loose fastening. The use of Anchor Nut can avoid such problems.

Anchor Nuts need only prefabricated punched or drill hole for installation, no welding or threading is required. It can be installed to components where access is available from one side only (hollow profiles, tube, etc). Anchor Nuts can also be used for riveting of multiple components

Anchor Nuts is an advance assemble product and have the advantages of high-efficiency riveting, firm fastening, easy and convenient installation, reliable property, nice looking, etc.,

Anchor Nuts are widely used in

  1. automotive
  2. aeronautics
  3. shipping
  4. vessel building
  5. construction
  6. decoration
  7. household electrical appliances
  8. light industry machinery
  9. metal furnishing
  10. aluminum extrusion and many other fields.
  • Anchor Nuts can be installed “Blind” meaning access from only on side of the work piece is necessary to install a Anchor Nut, thus increasing the speed of assembly.
  • Anchor Nuts, unlike Weld Nut do not need to be welded into a work piece. Instead they provide strong and permanent threads into a work piece, without causing any deformation or damage to its parent material
  • Anchor Nuts can be installed into materials as this as 0.5mm (or less ). A single Anchor Nut can be installed in various thickness materials, thus reducing the amount of inventory required and decreases chance of assembly error
  • Anchor Nuts can be used as a rivet fastening two pieces and can also accept a mating screw to attach an additional component.
  • Anchor Nuts come in a wide variety of styles to need the requirement of your application. Round type for general applications, while Hex type for providing ultimate tortional strength.
  • Anchor Nuts can be installed quickly and easily using a variety of tools, providing flexibility and scope of production.
  • Anchor Nuts is equally suitable for small production application or mass production assembly lines