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Head : Socket or Slotted
 Type Plain Cup, Flat,
Half Dog, Full Dog,
Cone & Oval


2mm – 25mm W
1/8″  – 1″ W
3mm – 100mm    L
5/32″ – 4″     L
 Finish Cold / Hot Forged

SOCKET: Optimum socket depth. Maximum wrench engagement & strength. Permits high torque wrenching without reaming or cracking socket.

THREADS: Rolled Threads closet fit and increased fatigue. Metric IS 4218-1967 BS 84-1965

KNURLED CUP POINT: (Self-Locking) Holds tight despite vibration counter bore knurled cup point has 10 times more Holding Power than ordinary points. Also available dog point, cone point, flat point or any special points as per drawing.

HEAT: Heat Treatment of High Grade Alloy

TREATMENT: Steel for maximum strength without brittleness SHAKER HEARTH FURNACE. Atmospherically controlled to avoid decarburization & scaling effect.



Use this point against shafts too hard for the knurled cup to function or where there are fine adjustments involved that do not need a locking point


Use this one where frequent resetting of machine parts in relation to each other is required. Since the flat point causes comparatively little damage to the part against which it is sealed. It is also used as an adjusting screw for fine linear adjustments. In such cases a flat  is usually ground on the shaft for better point contact it is preferred for thin-wall applications and on top of plugs of soft metal.


For permanent location of parts Because of its penetration, it develops the greatest axial and torsional holding power. Where the point bears against materials of HRC 15 hardness at greater the shaft is drilled to receive half the cone length, sot hat penetration is deep enough for ample shear strength across the cone section it is also used as pivot in machine elements and for making fine adjustments over a limited distance. 


Normally used where permanent location of one parts in relation to anchor is desired. The dog is located in a hole drilled in the shaft. The drilled hole must match the dog diameter to prevent side play. Holding power is based on shear strenght across the dog. It is als used in place of dowel pins and against hardened members.


This point is used for frequent adjustment without excessive deformeation of the part against which it is sealed. Also the sealing against angular serface. In our application the shaft is normally spotted to receive the point. However the oval point has the lowest holding power of all points.




DIA: 2mm – 25mm
LENGHT: 4mm – 100mm


Materials : They available in all the three qualities of Stainless Steel, i.e. 304Q and 316Q*.