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Type : Standard or Screw Lock


2mm – 39mm W
1/8″  – 1.1/2″ W
1 D   – 3 D      L

Thread Inserts are made of helically coiled 18-8 stainless steel wire with a precise diamond shaped cross section to accommodate internal and external threads simultaneously. When assembled in a specially tapped hole they make a permanent internal thread which confirms to standard specifications.


Create stronger threads in most materials.
Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel.
Simplifies changeover from unified to metric and vice versa.
Reduces thread wear.
Wide temperature tolerance.

This versatility makes Thread Inserts suitable for a wide range of applications.

As it creates superior threads with greater holding power in most materials they are widely used in original equipment manufacture such as electronics, automotive, aerospace, plastics, etc.
Thread Insert repair kits help prevent costly machine downtime Range Kits, a multiple size kit format, are widely used in maintenance workshops.


Standard      : Provides a free running thread
Screw Lock : Provides an exclusive resilient internal locking thread


Very often you will find a set screw application where you can’t use a locking point or even a cup point. This is where you would be familiar with the other standard wet screw point styles and their particular uses. We have listed there point styles and typical uses here for you to make the right choices.

DRILLING:Use regular drilling procedures to diameter specified in the catalogue for different threads
TAPPING:Tapping is usually done in a single operation with one of the type of special finishing taps or rough taps as the application demands


GAUGING:Cleaning of tapped hole is done using our special thread gauge, also to check size and full thread depth in conventional manner


INSTALLING INSERTS:Prewinder Type Inserting tools are available for hand installation of inserts. It is a precision tool which aligns and recompresses and the inserts for easy installation. A slotted mandrel in the tool drives the insert by its tang. This tool is recommended for hand installation of all sizes of Coarse & Fine series inserts.
REMOVING INSERT TANGS:The tang on a Insert should be removed after installation only when necessary for screw clearance or product appearance, and in such cases notched insert should be used. This is easily accomplished by placing the punch of the tang break off tool into the installed inserts and resulting tool squarely on the insert tang. Strike the top of the tool with a hammer, using a sharp blow.
EXTRACTING INSERTS:At instances when inserts are to be removed, it can be done using Extracting Tool which in available in different sizes. Place the blade of the extracting tool into inserts as shown. Hit the top of the tool with hammer, causing the blade to bite into the insert. Push down on the tool and rotate counter clockwise to back the inserrs of the hole.


DIA:     2mm – 39mm     |      1/16″ – 1.1/2″


Materials : They available in all the three qualities of Stainless Steel, i.e. 304Q and 316Q*.